More Of Our Time...

On the way there it rained quite a bit. Kinda wet...
 Jo and Mollie at the conference.
 This year's theme was "Stand", and again, they did an amazing job with the whole conference! Very convicting preaching, incredible preachers, and cool decorations.
 At the fireworks show, they had a carousel. And... IT WAS FREEZING! Especially when you got to the top. And you know how they have to keep it balanced? Well, we got the bad end of the deal and we were the ones who they skipped to keep the whole thing balanced! SOOO COLD! They skipped us twice! It was horrible. And then we all ended up getting colds... but hey... it was worth the memory... although we were so stupid. 
 Janae competing in the solo competition.
 At the gas station on the way home.

We also entered the video competition! It was so much fun!

Here's a link:


  1. Jenny Dear, I believe it's a ferris wheel you were referring to... ;)

  2. Oh my word... yea... that's kinda embarrassing... Ferris wheel...


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