We had our first 5-day-Bible-club last week. We canvassed and everything but we didn't have any kids. So we just did "demos". James Peck (10) Katie Bass (around 10 or 11) Joshua (11) and Abby (8) were there when we did the demos, so they answered questions and listened, but we didn't have any kids from the neighborhood. So finally, on the last day, Friday, a car pulls up with an older brother, and 2 little kids. Emmy (around 6) and Jaline who was 10 I think. Anyways, they came right after the memory verse, just in time for the Bible Lesson. Mrs. Rogers went over and asked if they wanted to come and do the club, and they said yes. They had actually come to play baseball, but they decided to come and join us. Jordan Peck was telling the Bible lesson. When she had the invitation, she asked that anyone who would like to ask Jesus to wash away their sin, and to come into their heart, and tell him they believed in him, to please look up at her. (We all had our heads bowed and eyes closed) Jaline looked up at her, but she didn't know if he just got distracted, or if he was serious. So after the club was done he started to walk over to her. And... she got to lead him to the Lord! It was very exciting, and it taught us that we should be very patient in those types of situations. You know, we could have stopped doing the club on the 3rd day, or we could have stopped in the middle of it on Friday, but we didn't, and we kept going. And as a result, Jaline got saved. If we had stopped, he wouldn't have got saved. It was very neat! We are having a second one in our front yard, so if you'll could pray that kids will come and get saved, that'd be great!

- Jenny -

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