From Weeks Past...

Hello from Triple S Christian Ranch! Long time no pics, eh? Sorry... things have been busy around here! Only three more weeks left... how depressing! I have been enjoying myself here, and I am not quite sure what I'll do once I get back home to normal life!

The family came for a visit this past week... it was great seeing them. Pictures coming soon... if I can find some time to post them! It really takes a lot of time to get them on here. But we'll see.

Here's Savannah, Me and Jessie
Savannah with BUSTER!
Here's a pic of me and FaithHere's me and Courtney! A group of 5 young people from West Coast came to sing at our camp, and they were SOOO much fun!
Bri... she's winning!
And here's Kayla... the spitfire of the bunch! She's FUNNY!

Here's Kathrine in the gift shop.

Robert, Kenny, Bri and Kayla

Serving Line!

Alas... my last tribute to the West Coast Singing Group... I love you!

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