The 4th...

Yesterday was the 4th of July and every finally got back at about 3:30. We went out to eat at Pizza Hut with Savannah's parents (twuz GOOD!) then went to Walmart where we had to jump start the Explorer because Jessie forgot to turn the lights off! Thankfully Savannahs parents are here right now and the Mr. had some jumper cables in his car! After that we went to Luke and Hollan's friend's house for some fireworks. We were up on a mountain and we had a breathtaking view of the lake and city below us. The fireworks were more off in the distance and weren't very bright or loud, but it was still fun. It started raining... we were all thankful that we brought coats, towels and blankets! After that we went to Luke and Hollans for some homemade ice cream, then we all went down to the flag pole and shot off a bunch of smaller fireworks. Then me, Savannah and Katherine went to Luke and Hollan's to play Spoons, but we ended up playing a SUPER fun game called Mexican Sweat instead... and we played until 2:00 in the morning!!! We are planning on playing it again tonight. It's really fun and I can't wait to teach my IL peeps how to play!

Today was church... I get to play piano for the services here, so that's pretty neat. We went to a great Italian restaurant called Michaels, and Dave and Melissa surprised us girls and they paid for our food! WOW!!! That was a huge blessing. We saw a stand that was selling air brushed t-shirts and some of us girls thought it would be fun to see if we could get the guy to make us Triple S t-shirts... and he did! They turned out SOOOO great! I love mine... I'm wearing it right now!

Now it's time for the pics. Enjoy! I need to get going... it's getting late and I think we might be eating supper soon!

Love You All, Britt

Here's our t-shirts!

Just a few designs to choose from...

Waiting to Order

This is a bad picture, but this was part of the view from where we watched fireworks. You can see the lake and the town... it was so pretty!

Here's Jessie waiting for the car to charge up!

Hurray for Savannah's dad!

Here's us at Pizza Hut!

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  1. How much did a T-Shirt cost?? They're really cool!

    - Jen


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