The Family's Visit...

Hey all! Another post! I didn't have time to put on the pics from the family's visit last week, so I'm taking the time now. Enjoy! It was great seeing them... we had a good ol' time! We did a bunch of swimming here at the camp and at the lake... so I got lots of water pics!

Here's Sweet Baby Kay

Josh with a Fish

A nice sunfish! They caught 55 fish in 2 days!

Here's Popster! Can you see Jen and I in the lens?

Here's Mom and Pop!

Jen and Dad

Um... my feet!

Just a Nice Shot

Elijah Caught a Fish!

Jen and I jumping off the cliffs!

Here we go!!!

My Buddy Bear

I think this was our first jump of the day

At the Lake

Mom and Kaylen... don't you love the body suit?!

Here's Abby All Ready to Go!

Classic Jen!

Abby loved the water slide!

I love this picture!

Here Comes Mama!


Mom and Kaylen



  1. Hi Britt! Love the pictures! We did some fun things! See ya' in a few weeks! Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Wow! Those pics are so cute! I was so mad it had to rain on the 4rth! All my sista's (the one's in IL.) came over with my two bro. in-laws. So it was fun, it just didn't seem like the 4rth at all! But what's really awesome is that at our town fireworks...we get free ice cream! Woo hoo! :D


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