Even More...

Dad, Elijah and Josh coming down the slide!


Me and my Buddy!

I just got shot!

Kathrine and Jenny

Michael on the Paintball Field...

Ben and Josh

Us Girls!

This is Vicky and Sarah (and me and Kayla) I led Vicky to Christ and Sarah also got saved that day! These were my buddies during the week... they went everywhere I did!

Awards! Jake is the one in the white shirt... I don't have many pics of him.

Invitation Time...

Here's Jake... finally!

The Melodies!

Me at the Sink

You can do it!

Pushup Contest!

Here's Faithige!

Adison Bishop

Kaycyln Bishop

Emily Doing Cabin Check

Caleb and Dave

Sarah and Myself... Sarah and her sister got saved last Thursday and I was able to lead Sarah's sister to the Lord!!

Sarah, Bethany and Jana


Midnight Sonic Run... lol!

Jed and Buster

Emily Singing...

The Snack Shop Food List!


Here's Caleb...

Playing Games...

Run Boys, Run!

Class Time with Bro. John

Girl's Cabins

Mrs. Bishop and Kaycyln


  1. Hey Britt! Thanks for the photos!!! LOVE seeing what your doing! It looks like you are haveing A LOT of fun! Praying for you! Love you!


    Delight thyself in the Lord an he shall give you the desires of your heart.

  2. Neat! Love da pics! You look adorible! :D :D

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated! I always love looking at all the photos you post.


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