My Weekend...


I had a really fun weekend! Once the campers left, we all rushed around getting our work done because myself, Amy, Emily amd Katherine were heading out for a wedding! Mrs. Bishop wasn't going to be here for the weekend, so us girls (Jessie and Savannah went with Mrs. Bishop to a speaking engagement to watch some kids) couldn't be here by ourselves with the guys. So we went with Luke, Hollan, Dave and Melissa to the wedding in Hot Springs. If you all have ever heard of Eric Capaci's church... that's where we went. =) We ate out at Chilis and because my birthday is next week, we celebrated it with an AWESOME tasting cake! Then we went to Walmart where we met up with the bride to be and her friends, and they were in need of help... decorating! So we all headed to the church and stayed up until 2:00 am helping them! The next morning we got up, and headed to IHOP for breakfast/lunch (we slept in a little since it was such a late night) and then we went to the wedding which went REALLY well. Bradly and Meagan actually met here at camp 4 years ago, so it was fun hearing their story.

After the wedding we went to some second hand stores and then to the mall so Amy could look for a shirt. We didn't get back until 10:00 something, but it was fun!
Today we are going bowling... Melissa wants to get together as much as we can, since we will all be leaving so soon. I love camp and am going to miss it! Tomorrow is our second to last week and I'm getting rather sad! I'm praying that I'll enjoy every moment of it, and that the Lord would really do something super duper special in my heart and life and in the campers before camp is all over. Pray for me! I would really appreciate it!
Love you all, enjoy the pics and for cryin' out loud... leave some comments so I can know who's reading my blog!
Thanks, Britt

Overhead View

Meagan and Bradly Moffet

Us Girls at the Wedding

Cutting the Cake...


Another Shot...

The Platform


Me and Kaycilyn

Amy Dawson

Me and Amy at IHOP



Hollan, Katherine and Me

Amy, Me and Emily

Brandon and His Fish

My Hair-do... Jessie just randomly said, "Hey, can I curl your hair?" I said, "Sure!"... so she did!

Another One...

Last One!


  1. Yeah! I was noticing that you have a really nice tan! And what did you do to your hair? It looks really nice that way! I can't decide if I like it better lighter or look cute either way! :D

  2. Brittany, I LOVE your hair!!! It looks so cute on you! =) I'm glad that you're having such a great time at camp! But it'll be awesome when you get back! Oh, I like the spraypaint shirts...very cool

  3. Wow! I love that shot of Amy! Cool lighting and all!

    ~* Jenor8tor *~

  4. Hi Britt! I'm reading your blog! ;> Love the pics.! So fun to see what you're doing sounds like you're having a super time! Hope we can keep things exciting enough for you when you get back! ;D Love ya!


  5. Nice pix!! Beautiful wedding... and, beautiful you. ;)


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