5 Day Club in Beason

Well, we had a 5 day club in Beason. It looked like a tired, sleepy, and kinda scary looking town. The school was totally overgrown by fulled sized trees, the church had been abandoned, and you could hardly see a living soul! But, we canvassed the whole town, went there on Monday, and had 16 kids, 3 adults! It was so exciting! But, the kids are kinda, unenthusiastic. None got saved on Monday, but today, we had 15 kids, 2 adults, and I got to lead 2 girls to the Lord! That has been my first ever, 3 kids I lead to the Lord in just 2 weeks! The first boy I lead to the Lord was Noah, and he was 11. Then the 2 girls today were Alyssa, around 10, and I forgot her name, around 10 too. They were very receptive and they understood pretty well. I was so thrilled! And for all of you that think 5 day clubs and SMITE are a waste, bother, nuisance, goody-to-shoes, well, they're not! Kids are getting saved, and that is so much better than sitting at home watching TV, or playing games! It is so exciting to help lead kids to the Lord! This might be some of their only chances to ever hear the gospel! Otherwise, they go to hell! I'm sick of people putting down SMITE and 5 day clubs! So, now that my temper had cooled down a little... please pray for more to get saved!

Kids leaving after Monday

Jordan telling about the squirt-gun

Review time!

Ben telling the exciting missionary story!

Prayer time!

And.. all of us workers! Sorry the pics a little blurry. It was zoomed out to far.

- Jenny -

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