Tribute to Our Camp Staff...

I love our camp staff! It's been a great summer getting to know all of them! Here is a picture of everyone, most of them were taken this week.... I tried to get pictures of each individual but I wasn't able to find everyone in a picture by themselves. I hope you enjoy!

Luke Bishop

Amy Dawson
Kacilyn Bishop with Jessie
Jessie Sargent
Patrck Harris and Michael Moore

Emily James

Hollan Bishop
Lana and Audra Sanders with Me!
This is Leroy the Pesky Raccoon
The Bishops
Dave and Melissa Bishop
Brittany Comstock
Savannah Adams
Faith McCoy
Katherine Montgomery
Jake Carlilse
John Mizlan
Caleb Sargent
Dave Bishop
Brandon Russel
Jed Wagner

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  1. awww! That's so sweet Britt! When are you getting back? (can you tell I'm going crazy not having you here with me???:) Can't wait to see you!


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