Sunday School Activity

The 7th through 12th grade Sunday School Classes got together on Sunday afternoon and had a whole afternoon devoted to potatoes! Yes, we had potato games, potato face making contests, biggest, ugliest, smallest potato contest, and tons of other games. Plus good food and desert! After while we were digesting, Mrs. Heady taught on modest. It was really good, and it made you think about the clothes you wear, and how it affects other people. So, here are some pics that me and Mom took. We had a ton of really good pics too, but I accidentally deleted them from off my camera!

Here's us girls waiting for our turn

Wow! Um..what can I say?

Me and Alyssa

Sarah, Judy, and Alysaa
Lol! We had a fry toss, where your team members had to try and drop dipped fries into our mouths! Whoever ate 10 first won 100 points! So, Shelby, Sarah, me, and Justina humbly volunteered for our teams.
And, here's the finshed product!
The fattest potato contest

Trying to see who's was the ugliest!

Mrs. Heady teaching on Modesty

So, it was all fun. Hope you enjoyed the pics! Please leave comments!

- Jenny -


  1. Love the pics Jenny! That was a fun day =)
    - heather

  2. oh Jenny! I love the nose one! (even though it is kind of embarrassing :) Awesome!

  3. Nice pics, Jen. Those from your new cam? Do you like it? I'll have to put more up today or tomorrow. For now, I still need to get 35 toilets clean!!! See ya!

  4. Nice shirt btw! I got one just like it!!!


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