Labor Day...

Yesterday was Labor Day. Dad took the family to a neat place where he plans on hunting this year. The only picture that I took there worth putting on would be this one of Mom and Kaylen. We took a long walk through the woods on a nice little trail that had been cut. It was pretty and peaceful out there. I realized even more how much I miss the woods and country!

The Babineauxs live in the same town as the hunting place, so they graciously invited us over to eat and fellowship. It was great! We had some awesome grilled meat, potato salad, chips, sweet tea, and corn on the cob. Talk about a Labor Day Meal! And then we had ice cream to top it all off! THANKS BABINEAUXS!

Here are the little boys... having fun. They decided that they wanted to try out Michael's boxing gloves... which didn't end up being a good idea. But they got over it.

The Babs have a sweet-o place right on the lake! Us girls had quite an adventurous journey in the little blue paddle boat. Come on! Join in on our adventure!

We took off from the dock... not knowing what we would face. Wild turtles, perhaps? Maybe some giant fish. We didn't know, but we were out to explore... Lake Heritage.

As we fought our way through sea weed and sludge, our hearts began to pound as... bubbles um... bubbled up out of the water. What was beneath us? Thoughts of man eating sharks and turtles entered into our minds... but we didn't dare sharing them with the others. Just in case... you know... they'd get scared or something.

But alas! What is that? Four girls suddenly gasp in surprise as they see... something.

"What is it?" someone whispers.
"I don't know. Let's see if we can get closer.."

Although we know our lives could be in danger... we paddle ahead. We pushed softly... quietly... stealthfully. Finally... it comes in view. It's...


"I think it's a snapping turtle."
"Nah... snapping turtles have bumpy backs."

Scientific facts that we have learned in home-school spill from out lips. We are experts. This is no snapping turtle. It's a Apalone spinifera... otherwise known as a soft shelled turtle.

Suddenly... that urge to jump in and swim vanishes. This lake is creepy.

Our ears and eyes come alive. EVERYTHING is a snake, turtle or fish.

"Look over there!"

"A Terra dactyl!!!"

We even believe that we saw... the Loch-ness Monster. Perhaps you don't believe this tale is true. But that's for you to decide.

Our time was up. Home-sweet-home was calling. A cup of cold water to wet our parched lips. Clean clothes, pink fluffy socks, and a warm bed. We are back from our journey. We survived.

Thank you for joining us on this goose-bump of a journey.

Yours Truly,
Brittany, Jenny, Kayla and Heather


  1. Awesome! Looks like you had a blast!! :)

  2. Everyone looks great. Especially mom.. send our love. We sure miss you all!


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