NBT - Funny Faces

Wow! These are some of the funny faces from the food eating competitions at NBT. It was a blast watching all these! Pictures are so fun to look back on! So, here are some of them!
Shelby & Sarah having a competition to see which team could eat the pizza the fastest!
Blind folded! They were on the Shields team.

Here's Derek and Caleb eating chocolate covered donuts from a string!
Arie. This was a competition to see who's team could build the tallest tower of whipped cream on their faces. He also got silly-stringed by our team because he won.

Here is Danielle and Janae. They were on the red team for the pizza eating contest.

Here's Ariel. She's having a contest with the the other team to see who can eat a bowl of ice-cream the fastest.

Here's Derek eating frozen mayonaise! They gave the girls ice-cream, and the boy's frozen mayonaise! Gross! And they didn't even tell them until after!

Here's Emilee after eating the ice-cream from the bowl without a spoon!

Here's a shot of all of them doing the ice-cream contest.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pics! Please tell me what you think!
- Jenny -

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