Happy Birthday Party...

October 9th was Elijah's birthday, but we celebrated a day early because of Youth Conference. He really enjoyed the presents that he got. He's so much fun to watch as he opens them.

A Thomas the Train Puzzle!

Ohhhh... what's this?

This dog sings "Do Your Ears Hang Low" while flapping it's ears up and down. Elijah loved it!

Papa helping Elijah open his present.

He picked out a fishy birthday cake, so Jenny made it for him. It was really cute!


Wow... classic family shot!

So... Jen smeared frosting on my nose!!

But don't worry. I got her back!

Haha! Gotcha!

Wiping off our messes...

Elijah got a lot of snakes, frogs and lizards!

We can't forget about Kaylen!


  1. Kaylen looks just like Elijah when he was small. Amazing someone's genes dominate!

    Miss ya all very much!


  2. Oh Britt! He's sooooo cute! How old is he now? 3?

    the ones of you and Jenny are so funny!!! I LOVE the look on your face when you got Jenny back! You two must have a LOT of fun together!



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