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Our annual Youth Conference went very well, and we saw two people saved and we pray that many lives were changed, dedicated to Christ and gotten right with the Lord. Bro. Dan Carr from Mississippi came with his family to preach and he's a great guy! He's also here for our revival this week and yesterday another person was saved. Tonight's the last night and I can't wait to see what he has to preach. Hope you enjoy the pics. They are just a little peak into what we did.

We had some good specials... this being one of them.

Girls and guys ate separate so they guys could hear and man to man talk from Jason Barnes (the guy that came and did the skits for us) and so that the girls could hear the Thompson girls speak. It was really nice and I enjoyed it.

Here's the guys eating. Don't worry. I didn't stay in there the whole time. I took pics because Bro. Bryant requested it. Lol!

The ladies of our church are great servants!

Mrs. Peters... the brain behind the kitchen stuff! Mrs. Hockaday helps too! Lol...

My friend and partner in crime... Jordan! Just kidding about the partner in crime.

Kaylen just kinda hung out.

Mr. McCormick had some awesome gloves!

Marissa Thompson. These girl's husbands were thrown into jail 6 years ago for spanking a boy from their church. They are serving worse sentences than some murderers or rapists serve.

This is Hannah Thompson. I really enjoyed hearing these girl's awesome testimonies and seeing how faithful they still are to God. He is really teaching them so much through this trial. The theme of our youth conference went along well with their testimonies.

Standing Against All Odds

Stand in the Battle

We had some funny skits!

This was part of one of the skits... you'd have to be there in order for it to be funny!

Bro. Carr is a great man of God and he has really taught me a lot from God's Word these past few days.

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