Ode to New Hampshire Winters...

Yesterday was so much fun! I was able to sled for the first time in a long time! The Pecks invited us to go sledding here in Lincoln, so we loaded up the van with tubes, saucers, snowboards and skis and had a blast! After that, we found a huge pile of snow and made several somewhat safe tunnels and crawled through when completed. It was so fun and reminded me of my childhood in NH.

I had forgotten how warm and cozy you can feel if you dress warm enough while playing in the snow. Only my face was cold while sledding down the hills.
New Hampshire gets approximately 100" of snow a year in the White Mountains where we used to live. Dad and I would take advantage of the "Two for One" special here at Canon Mountain. This isn't the greatest pic, but I found it the other day and it made me miss skiing! I learned to ski at the ripe ol' age of 4... and skied for the next 10 years until we moved to the flat lands of Illinois. We moved to IL on April the 24th, and the last time I skied was April 4th. We still had lots of snow in NH at that time. It was funny coming to IL and seeing not a drop!

Here's "my" skiing mountain in the distance. Canon Mountain, to be exact.

A little closer...

And here I am in the summer... at my favorite mountain in the world!

You ever seen the NH quarter? Well... here's the guy that made it all possible. He did pass away several years ago... but he still lives on in my memory.

Traveling on the back roads (actually... most roads in NH are back roads!) is always fun and exciting in NH.

I was out shoveling our driveway one afternoon, and our neighbors (we lived right next to the guys that plowed our whole surrounding areas) saw me and asked if I would like them to plow it for me. Uhh... ya?! Here's Josh and I enjoying a big 6 foot pile of snow. (That's a six foot fence in back of us)

Awww... cute!

This is Mt. Washington... where the highest winds ever were recorded. 231 MPH!

This is on the way to my grandparent's house. Another view of Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range.

Hehe... sometimes we'd wake up and couldn't see our vehicles!


  1. Wow! Those pics are awesome! I have no idea what it's like to live in so many different looks like it would be tons of fun! :-D

  2. Beautiful Pictures! All that snow!!


  3. Snow... And "illonoisans" who have never lived in any other state think 6" is lots! next time, I'll think twice!


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