Sledding with the Pecks...

Jordan and I prayed for snow and here's the answer to our prayer.

Thank You Lord, for answering our prayers! My thumb is up for Jesus!

So... I was just about to be picked up for Sunday School, and I didn't have time to go look for a shovel, so I found a broom nearby and thought I'd sweep a path to our van. It worked pretty good too, seeing how the snow was light and fluffy.

"Ohhhhh!" says Jenny. "We had snow much fun sledding with the Pecks!"

"No, seriously." Benny agrees. "It was drop dead fun!"

Smiles were found all around!

But first we had to patch our hill.

Patch the hill?" you ask?

Yes. It needed to be patched because the ground was showing and it would pop our tubes and slow us down! For the next time you need to patch a hill, here's step by step instructions.

1. Fill up your sled or trash can lid with as much snow as you can pile on.

2. Dump snow on bare spot. Pack down firmly.

3. Then fly, little birdy... fly.

Jordan and I tried to snow board. I can say one thing: It's a LOT harder than skiing. But it's still pretty fun if you can stay up!

Here's what I call "Yankee Ingenuity". The only problem is the Pecks thought of it and they are from the South...

Cardboard sledding!

It worked pretty well until the cardboard got too wet.

Isn't this the best part of sledding? The thrill we all get walking back up the hill is just... wow. We all grunt, groan, complain and then one of us in the group will say, "Well, at least we're getting good exercise." An echo of "sures" and "you're rights" surround us, and then we all...

... die at the top of the hill. I did squeeze out a last smile before the picture was taken.

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