Abby's Birthday Party...

Happy Birthday Abby!

This Sunday we had a small party for Abby. She just turned 9 on the very last day of 2009! So, she wanted to invite some friends of hers over, so the Babineaux family and the Vandehay girls came over. They had a fun time playing with their American Girl dolls. So, here are the pics!

Kaylen with her "lamb"

The girls gave Abby a cute little cat.

Austin Babineaux and Elijah. Aren't they really cute?

Abby "posing"

Dad showed Mr. Bab this movie. It's an incredible! Very good for strengthing your faith in God!

Mr. Bab had a "blast".

But... I think Dad had a better time!

The boys playing with building blocks, while watching the movie.

Group Shot

They actually smiled for the camera!

They had a tea party

Here's the "Castle Cake" I made for Abby. I had fun making it!

Thanks for looking!
- Jen


  1. Looks like Abby had a great Birthday! Jenny that cake is SO cute! how did a really awesome job!

  2. Cool! Glad you liked it! Thanks!

  3. Hi Jenny! You may not know me, but I'm a friend of Brittany's. I just wanted to say that Abby looks adorable and the cake looks pretty good too! I've done a little cake decorating, but NOTHING like that!!!! Mine always turn out looking nothing like I wanted it too. LOL Anyway, you guys look like you had a great time!


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