Farewell to the Pecks...

Oh no! You'll never believe it! Our friends are going away to Minnesota for... for... (sniff) I'm sorry guys, I don't usually get this emotional...

Well, their family is leaving us for 10 whole days! We'll miss them! So, here is a farewell to the Pecks!

The Peck's water pipe busted, and their furnace wasn't working, so our compassionate hearts were filled with the utmost pity, and we had them over to our house for supper.

Here are some pics of the "brownies" Britt and Jo so graciously made for us. *Clears Throat*

They licked the spoons!!!!!!!!!!! How disgusting is that?

And I think they had too much fun. Ya think?
Here is the recipe.

Well, here they are! Don't they just look like the picture! Yummy! Mocha Chocolate Brownies!

Hard bottom and burnt chocolate included!

(And hey guys, they're still single!) *Winks*

I didn't feel like one last night, so I had one this morning for breakfast.

It was uh..... lovely. (Not!)

Mom and Mrs. Peck trying to enjoy them.

So, she posed! Finally!

But then she was told it was going to be put on the blog!

Ben and Josh didn't feel like brownies either. They thought Legos looked better!

What! What's wrong?

Oh. Don't you love the mishchievious look on his face???

Um... aren't we a little too old to play "peek-a-boo"?

Oh yes... and by the way, this is what my cake looks like now.

Wow! We actually got a good pic.

She hits herself on the head now with things.
- Jen

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  1. We will miss you all too! <:,(
    Great pics. though!
    And they weren't THAT bad!!!! ;}



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