Happy Birthday Josh...

Joshua - Josh didn't want to sit down and write about his year, so I finally forced some info out of him that I will now share with you all.

Josh is 12 today on January 26th. He is in the 6th grade this year, doing well and enjoying his favorite subject... Math! He is very helpful to Dad each week, putting together the Hughes Net satellite dishes that Dad installs all over our area. He also helped Dad wire our addition, and put up our electrical boxes and lights.

He's also got a new part time ministry at church... running the camera that records the services. He really enjoys it and just the other night someone remarked that he really "has a knack for it".

Josh enjoyed fishing in Arkansas. The family came down and vested me at camp during the 4th of July week, and we went to a huge lake in Heber Springs to fish, boat, swim, and jump off cliffs. Josh caught
42 fish using his special fishing technique... ! He also enjoyed the water slide at camp... he bought his own tube and found that it went about 3 times faster than the mats... sweet!

Josh really enjoyed our trip to Branson this month. He really liked playing on the pool table that was in the game room at the hotel.

And that's about all he gave me.

- Brittany for Josh


  1. Happy Birthday Josh!!!!!!
    We so excited to see the young man you are growing up to be. God's Blessings!

    Peck Clan

  2. Happy Birthday Josh!


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