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This is me (Brittany) along with two friends, Zac and Stephanie Powers. We were asked to sing this song for my graduation in 2005. We were nervous wrecks, but it's a powerful song and I wanted to share it with you all. The song was written by a friend of ours, Abigail Miller. Click on her name below to go to her website. Hope you enjoy!

I Can Go In
Words and Music by Abigail Miller
(adopted from a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon)

He stood beside the gate of Heaven, waiting to go in,
And he wondered how this Holy Place could take a man like him.
With shouts of great rejoicing and with music then they came,
Of the angels standing by him he asked what could be their name?

"These are the company of prophets. The goodly fellowship of souls,"
"Who spake God's Word with faith and boldness;
who blessed the poor, and made the wounded whole."

"Oh," he fell upon his knees, and cried, "I am not one of these."

He waited 'til another band of shining ones drew nigh,
They entered into Heaven with a "Hallelujah" cry.
He asked again, "Who are these? Can you tell me whence they came?"
He seemed to see the answer in a burning tongue of flame.

"These are the company of martyrs, the mighty fellowship of Saints."
"Who knew our Lord and walked beside Him."
"Who ran the holy race and did not faint."

"Oh," he fell upon his knees, and cried, "I am not one of these."

Then suddenly, a multitude was heard from far away.
Their voices rang with songs of joy like children at their play.
He saw Rahab, he saw David, Mary Magdalene and Paul,
And the thief who died by Jesus was the one who led them all.

"Who are these?!" he almost shouted at the angels.
"These are the sinners saved by grace!"
"The host of them who called upon the Savior;"
"Washed in Blood and justified by faith!"

And, oh...he leaped up from his knees! "Oh, I can go in with these!!!!"

"And I can go in, for my heart is free from sin."
"I've been washed in the Blood, everlasting life to win."
"I can rejoice, I can lift up my voice...I can sing...and I can go in."


  1. Awesome words! I didn't know you played the piano, Britt!!!

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW & WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You guys sound great together and the song is VERY powerful!

    And Britt, I didn't know you played either!


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