Anniversary Surprises...

Us kids had been thinking of a way to make Mom and Dad's Anniversary special. It was their 23rd on Valentine's Day. So, we thought we would try and have a surprise party on Sunday, which was of course, their Anniversary. So, the night before, we went shopping, and we got mom the two plants you'll see, a few pics down. We obviously couldn't hide them very well, so we just gave them to her, and told her it was an early Anniversary present. We gave them a few other gifts as well. But... we wanted to make a cake, and have it be a surprise. So that Saturday morning, I just told Mom that I was making a special dessert for their Anniversary, and asked her not to come into the kitchen. So, I made the cake, and then at night, I took it in our bedroom, and decorated it at night. So then, we asked some friends to come over on Sunday, and we had a party! It was very tasty and we had a blast! But sorry, no pictures of the party.

Here's the pattern I sorta used.
The flowers
The recipe I tried to make, but failed in doing so. ( I made a box instead. ) Well, the frosting worked, but not the cake part.
Here's the smaller plant we got Mom.
And the larger one. Josh aslo got Mom a pretty green candle.
We got Dad pants, and coffee.
And... here's the finished product! It's on the desk in our room. A closer view

And.. that's all! We'll have some more pictures of Kaylen's party in a while!

- Jen

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  1. Flopped? That cake looks beautiful Jenny! My cakes NEVER turn out that well! I've not been decorating long though and am TRYING to teach myself, but don't think I'm getting much, if any, better. Would it be possible for you to make a post on cake decorating?


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