The Making of the Cake...

Well, I really couldn't decide on what theme I wanted to use for the cake. So, I finally decided on something somewhat easy. I love the star tip! So, someone asked me if I would do a post on cake decorating... and I am totally not that good, but I will share a few little tips I've learned.

First...make sure you always clean up your messes! Just kidding! Here is my mess!
I really love all Wilton's stuff. Most of the cake decorating things I use are Wilton's. Anyways, if you ever have trouble with your cake sticking to the pan, you should get this stuff. It's awesome! It works sooooo well!
This is the idea I finally picked.Well, I wanted to write "Happy Birthday James" on the cake. But the way I wanted to write it would take a lot of room, so I used this huge square cake pan. But... 1 box of cake mix wasn't enough, so I made up another batch of white cake mix, and swirled it in. So it had this cool swirly look. I used the frosting that I gave for Saturday Snacks a few posts down. It spreads very nicely. And yes... we didn't have anything big enough to put the cake on, so we used the bottom of the cake pan! How smart! :D
Here is my interesting "straight line maker"
So I very carefully wrote out my letters. Then I outlined them with the star tip in different colors. I squeezed out big stars to put the candles in, then little ones all around the cake. The I outlined it with a huge star tip in yellow icing. It was so fun!
And here's the finished product!
- Jen

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  1. I DISAGREE!!!!!!!! >:(
    Jenny is VERY good at making cakes!!!!! :) We think she should go into business. James loved the cake Jen! Thanks! And it was soooooo moist!!!! Yum!



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