The Party...

Well, here are the pics of the actual party. It was a total surprise for James, and he really enjoyed it! We had tons of fun!

Blowing out the candles

Me and Britt took pictures of eachother taking pics!

Here she is!
Wow! It looks soooooo good!

Opening his presents

The cake! An overhead view

Another view of present opening

Apples to Apples - Actually we were playing another way... Green Apples. I think the Krahns taught the Pecks, and then the Pecks taught us.

She was upset because she didn't get any. ( just kidding )

Mrs. Peck playing


- Jen

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  1. Regarding your last post- I love the Wilton 'stuff' too!!! My Grandma went through all four classes and has made two wedding cakes!!!


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