Finally a Post...

Sorry we haven't posted! But... we are much less busy now, so
keep updated for lots of pictures! These are pics of when we went to the Saint Louis Zoo.

Lijah was trying to get real close to the duck! But... it waddled off.

Abigail Joy Comstock
I took a picture of Britt, taking a picture of a bird in the "Cypress Swamp."
Britt in a circle thingy
I saw the brick wall and immediatly thought it would be a cool pic.
While we were in the "Swamp" we saw a snake!
And a turtle...
Another cool brick wall shot.
Bobber poising for me.
Okay. I saw this and thought it was kinda funny. All the animals were just like, lined up. I got 6 animals in the same picture!
A Zebra
This was a weird snake! It had this "thing" sticking off of his nose!
A cool lizard
Another Lizard
A really cool "blue" snake!
- Jen


  1. yuk! How can you think that snakes They creep me out! Yikers!

  2. I love the St. louis zoo... My favorite part is the building with all the snakes, bugs and frogs... it's neat...(to me- I know some peopke who would rather stay away!)


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