The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

More Pictures! Aren't you all thrilled to death! This is a picture of a cool flower in the butterfly house. It was around 83 degrees in that place!

This butterfly was extremly friendly! It kep trying to land on this cute little girl, and she was scared of it!

Lol! Mom called me over and told me to take this picture. Isn't it cool?
Okay... this was in the "bug house". This is fake food, but it is a real thing people really eat! Gross!
Some more fake/real food.
Lol! We were taking a break and letting the kids play, when Dad whispered..." Jenny, take a picture of that lady over there." Nice huh?
Gross! But yet, cool.
- ANTS -
Okay... there is a story behind this. Britt broke her flip-flop in the zoo, and basically couldn't walk around with no shoes. So Dad went over to this group of rough looking teenagers who were smoking, and asked them if he could borrow a lighter. We all waited for around 3 minutes to see what he was doing. Finally... he came back over and we saw that he had melted the plastic, then flattened it to fix her flip-flop.
Lijah on the "bug".
Dad in the "tunnel".
Lijah in the "log".
Lol. I couldn't help but take a picture of this interesting building.
Wow. We walked into this one building and were met by huge gigantic squid, sting ray, sharks and other very large creatures.
I couldn't resist taking this picture either. We had to "help" the stroller on lots of the stairs.
These are actually real penguins in an inside exhibit. But......... It stunk like crazyy!
This little guy was very cute. I actually took the picture through glass.
Dad and the kiddos
Britt and her uncles.

I like taking interesting pictures.
Brittany Lee Comstock
Lol. Another one of "those interesting" pictures.
- Jen


  1. I see you met our relatives there too! (Yeah, right!) Looks like you had fun!

  2. Is that side of the family coming to the reunion next month?


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