More & More Zoooooo Pictures....


Okay... when I took pictures of this glass, it got all rainbowy. Weird, huh?
Okay... so there was this GROUNDHOG/WOODCHUCK, wandering through the zoo. And the people in the pictures were like " Aww! It's a beaver!" We were like, "Um, like totally don't touch that thing. They like, totally bite! And... that's not a Beaver! Beavers have those hard, flat, ovalish, kinda tails, ya know?" No, I just kidding, we didn't really say that to the poor people. Just to ourselves.

We like taking pictures of each other.
Lol. We were walking through part of the zoo that had the cheetahs. And we look up... and we see this gazelle! But... it's fake. I think they might have been trying to demonstrate what the cheetahs do.
More pics from the butterfly house.

- Jen


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