Student Convention...

I have time! To finish this post! Yes!
So here we go. Student Convention has always been one of the biggest events for our church. What is Student Convention? To put it simply, Independent Baptist Student Convention gives students from all over the US an opportunity to compete in music, platform, academics and art. We had some great competition this year, and our church won the all around platform award. *Smiles* I am proud of them.
We had such a sweet spirit here this year! It was great meeting and fellowshiping with the other groups that came.

Okay... so now I'm taking over. ( Jenny ) Britt said she didn't have time to
finish this, so here goes! Overhead view of our church. This is the night service, where the ensembles perform.
Our "pep-talk" with Bro. Bryant. No... we weren't thrilled. This is the most difficult and longest, and boring part of the Convention. We have to go through dress check, and then the guys have to get their hair checked, to see if it's too long. And yes... every year someone doesn't either bring a belt, or their hair is too long. So we have to sit there for 45 minutes, while they get a hair cut. Not fun.
Academic Bowl! Me, Rebekah Bazen, Arie Mikesell, and Ben Peck were on a team. We got 4th place out of all the teams. And no... I am definately NOT doing it next year. I am awful at "pop quiz" stuff!

The wonderful patience enduring judges! They have one of the hardest jobs. Sitting there for 2 whole days, listening to the kids perform.
Danielle, Betty and Judy! This was when we all went bowling on 1 of the nights.

Okay... I don't know what I was doing here! I look stupid.
Here's Jessie Heady.
They turned on the strobe lights! It was cool!
Here's Ben Peck dressed up for his Scripture Recitation. He won first place and did a very good job!
The ensemble from park Meadows.
Male Quartet from Park Meadows.
Kayla and Melody's skit. This was a funny one about an overdue library book.
People viewing the pictures. Mine is the top right picture of the pink flower.
The cakes! I was very happy! I won 1st for my cake! Mine is the one to the right.
The Award ceremony

- Britt and Jen


  1. Look's like fun!! Maybe we'll see you next year!!


  2. Nice post! (except for that sick looking pic of me! If only I had a blog so I could do that to you! :D hehe JK!:)

  3. I like your picture of you... and the cake.


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