Around the House...

Here are some random pictures I took from around the house. Some of you have never seen our property, so I have included some pictures of it.
Here's Kaylen!

Now... some of these will be random...
Our "Front/Back/Grill" Yard
Our poofy snow-ball bush!
Cute little flowers
Pop! He's hard at work. we moved a whole pile of lumber and stuff to another section of the yard. It looks much better! But I'm still sore!
He's contemplating
I told her to "poise" and this is what she did!
Ugh! Hard hard at work.
Lijah & Abby!

We are putting nice new crushed rock in our driveway. We have lots of ruts, so whenever it rains, it's a mess. Hoepfully this will help. It'll look a ton better!
Farther back picture
Hard at work again!I will do posts of SDC in MO, some time soon!
- Jen

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  1. mohahah! It's about time someone posted a terrible pic of "Bobby Louis!" I"m NEVER forgiving you for putting those HORRID pics up on the big screen! Yuck! :D JK!


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