Silver Dollar City in Branson...

Alrighty! I just keep taking photos out of the folder. They aren't really in order or anything. Just random shots of stuff we did, or saw there. Here's a frog the little girls saw while waiting for "Lost River".
Ya! A picture of me! Dad took this one for us! They just got off "Barn Swing".

And in the air! Dad took these ones too! The 4 girls are to the right. Priscilla, Jo, Janae, and Britt.
A closer view. (Nice beard Jordan...)
Caleb and Alyssa Howell!
Getting their buckles secure!
This is where the people who were too... on never mind! ( :D ) This is where the people waited for us! The smear on the picture is my perfume. I stuck it in my camera bag, and it spilled! A good 1/4 inch of it! Now whenever I take out my camera, it smells good!
While we were in line, we saw a wasp building a nest. They all kept telling me to "stay back!"
We were waiting for "Wild-Fire" and I took "flower pictures".
I love taking pictures of flowers.
And I don't know what these were...
Well, hope you enjoy our posts! Thanks for looking!
- Jen

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