We Love SDC...

More pictures! I'll actually have 2 or 3 more posts after this one that I can do! Aren't ya'll so excited! I love taking pictures. I'm finally figuring out how to adjust the settings on my camera, so it's getting more fun to take nice, but fun pics.

Alrighty! Here goes! Me, Abby, and Mom were waiting for the park to open, so we just walked around, and I snapped some random shots.

Okay... so she'd probably kill me unless I explained this. I took a very quick picture of her, and she was chewing some gum. So... she looks very unlike her normal self. ( Talk about cheesy grin ) DaMomma! And Kay... We are still waiting for the park to open.
Eye pictures! This is also of Kaylen.
These are Elijah's.
More Elijah's.
We had to wait for aroudn 45 minutes, so Lijah got very bored.
Fire Engine
Dad took this shot of the Amercian and Israel flag.
And... you can't go to a beautiful place, without taking a family picture! Britt was experimenting with this one.
And now, she has joined us.
These were taken with my lovely camera. ( Gotta love Josh. )
Awww! Isn't she a darling! She wobbles around now, and she is very very mischievous .
This is a very interesting time device at the entrance of the park. It was 9:00 and it was the 6th of May,1880.
She looks like a little goldfish!
Awwww! I love this picture! Isn't Elijah sooo cute?!?!
Yes Jordan, I gave him a piece of my bubblegum! ;)
And the last pic is just a sorta random senic picture. Well, hope you enjoy!
- Jen

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  1. Fun! Never been down there!!!
    Hey.. if you ever do go down th the Duggars, you make sure you bring me, cause if you don't... lol
    Ashlyn :)


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