4th of July...

Okay! Mom has been drilling me to put these on... but we've been so busy! I've been sewing, helping with the Peck's Corn Maze, keeping up with chores, church activities, and you name it! And so, here are the pictures that my grandparents have been waiting for:

Mom decorated the table inside really cute.

Lijah the goof-ball!

Josh before the party
Lijah helping with the cup cake batter! I had to take a pic of this!
And Kay sweeping! She is such a hard worker! I mean, come'on! Look at those muscles!
The cup-cakes! I wanted to decorate them really nice, but they didn't work.
Beka Bazen, and Katie & Natalea Bass!

Bethany in her outfit! And....... drum roll..... JORDAN!
Some of the ladies eating
Bro. Bazen and Pop!
The Duffers! Thank you so much Mrs. Duffer for the beautiful towel and washcloth! I really appreciate it!
And... the sack race!
The 2 winners of the "most patriotic dressed"
" Cheese "
The Lemon Eating Contest! Gross!
I love everyone faces! And yes... it was poised!
I was trying to rip the lemon out so I could just eat it! But it wouldn't come! Finally I got the whole thing in my mouth, but then Josh ( my bro ) won! So... I spit it out!
And, the offical cream fight! I told Janae to smell the whipped cream, and she did. So I pushed it in her face. And of course, she chased me all around trying to smear some on me too! I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt!
Donut Eating Contest!
The line-up
Ariel and Janina
Josh and James. Guess who won this one? Josh again!
the little ladies line-up! I thought that was cute.
Josh and the brownie eating contest! And... he won again!
No hands Ariel!
Guys Against Girls!
( haha! Girls won the first couple! )
Watermelon Eating Contest! ( Josh won, I got second )
And last, but very much not the least, Elijah! I love him so very much! And it helps that he's so cute!
- Jen

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