Camp, Camp, Camp...

Last week, Amy and myself had a whole week break during the evenings so we got to go to the counselors vs. campers basketball game. The counselors won (as always).

Here Dallas is signing my shirt... with an inspirational Bible verse reference. Psalm 38:7. Check it out.

Here's the beginnings of our cardboard boat for the cardboard boat race. It was so much fun!

Dallas, myself and Amy were the main ones working on the boat... although we weren't the ones that MADE the boat. We just went with what Melissa and Jed started, and we finished it up.

Just a foggy morning shot. It's SOOO humid here! It's like you're breathing in water droplets sometimes! It's NOT good for the hair! Lol...

This is one of the church groups that made a boat for the cardboard boat race. They happened to be the winning team too!

Here's me and Amy right before the race! They chose me to be in the boat, so I was quite honored.

I found a dragonfly in the water and wanted to get a pic taken to show Elijah.

Me and this girl Amanda were the 1st and 2nd place winners. She used her hands to paddle though, and we found out later that it was actually against the rules to not have a paddle. But it's okay... we still had a blast!

After, we did a little "last boat standing" challenge, which was a hoot! The girl in the boat to the far bottom right hand corner was sunk by none other than myself. Then me and Amanda WENT AT IT!

I sucessfully sunk her boat, but she then climbed into mine screaming, "I'm gunna sink you!"

And although she didn't sink me... she did end up tipping my boat.

But it was okay. We hugged after and everything was alright. Notice that our boat is still standing?

Mrs. Fredricks and Hollan after the boat race.

For my birthday, Marishka's dad brought me and Britney to Hot Springs to stay for the weekend. Britney and I stayed at the Fredrick's house, and we had a great time! They brought me to McAllister's Deli for a birthday lunch. It was great!

Here's me, Tiffany and Tabitha, Mrs. Fred's daughters.

And here's myself, Mrs. Fred and Britney.

They secretly told them that it was my birthday and they brought me a piece of pie and sang happy birthday to me. Sweet!

Here's my pie!

And here's my lunch. It was a great salad too!

After lunch, we went to Gospel Light Baptist Church to play some sand volleyball, and to eat cupcakes. YUM!

After that, we went to the mall. I got my hair trimmed, and shopped a bit. Then we went downtown to Hot Springs main street, and got some ice cream and to take some pics... which by the time we got there... it was a little dark for pictures. But I still managed to take a few.

Here's a classy shot of Britney wth our ice cream cones.

Here are a few portraits that I got of Marishka. She's so pretty!

I like this one.

The water in these hot springs was literally HOT water. I didn't think it would be so hot, that when I stuck my hand in the water, I screamed!

Glenn had played volleyball with us at Champion, so he hung around with us for the day. His birthday was July 10th, and he turned 16... so he's only a few days younger than Jenny. Also, I randomly asked him what his middle name was, and it was EDWARD, which is my dad's middle name. Sweet!

Overall, it was a great weekend, and I am thankful for Bro. Munkrief taking us down. On Sunday we got to go to Bro. Eric Capaci's church, and I really enjoyed that. I got to see some peeps that I haven't seen since last year, and meet some new people as well. Then we drove home and sat in the dining hall while it DOWNPOURED... ate pizza, etc. etc. It was great! All for now!

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