Smite #2...

Tons of random pics form our 2 month ago trip to Louisiana! By request of Samantha Quave!
So... here they are! I actually have 2 more posts too!

My 2 good friends saying good-bye!
Lol... I asked her to poise for me... and she did!
At the restaurant!
Bro. McCormick! Our awesome driver!
Ya... I was bored!

Lol... I love this pic!
Jo's food
The boys
My water!

LOLOLOL! I asked him if I could get a pic of his shirt, so he sucked in!

Last but not least, I love ice-cream!
- Jen


  1. Go 4-wheelers!!!!!!!!! YES!


  2. OOHH!! I just tried this new thing: Lemon ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD! It's going to be at my wedding! lol :D Really it was so good! :D :D haha lovely food pick!


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