Lol! I'm not meaning to start off each post with Britt on a 4-wheeler, but it just happened.

Wow... this keeps bringing back tons of memories!

On a boat in Bass Pro


Class time - Sam in Level 2 Girls
Ahhh! This was Jordan's counselor last year! She's so sweet!
This was an awesome time during our singing time. We were singing something very patriotic, and then the 2 guys brought out the Christian and American flag. There were about a million "amens". And here is Pastor! He came with us, and talked about the Gee family. He also preached his famous "Defrauding" message, on the girl-friend, boy-friend game. It was good.
My new awesome friend!
Lol. Us girls thought this was funny, so we took a pic. It kept getting worse and worse.
All of the papers we had to study!

A pic of me! I think either Hannah or Samatha took it. Ya... I look stupid.
And... my favorite teacher ever... Mrs. McGuffy! (sp?)
Jo did this. It's not finished, she still had to brush it over with water.
And Pastor working on his message.
Long story... The van full of guys goinbg to SMITE, were in front of us. And they called us who were behind, and told us to be looking for a car on the side of the road that was on fire. So we did, but by the time we went by it, the fire was already out. But one of the boys got a pic of it on fire.
Lol... Jo... who was kinda tired.
And everyone else.

- Jen


  1. wow! a lot of that weird Jordan person! .... interesting.

  2. Hey are you guys going to do a post from volleyball camp???


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