Volley-Ball Camp, 2010...

Alright Kayla! Here you go!

Now, I'll say it again... these are the worst quality pictures because they're in our dark gym. But... I did just buy a new lens today that will let in more light so the pics aren't so dark.

Man, I got a lot of embarrasing pictures! Some I didn't put up. (Of Judy making a hilarious weird face)

But, here are the okay ones.

A group of girls getting ready for something


More spiking
A pep-talk!
Heather and Alyssa!
Now she looks at me, and asks" What are you doing?"
Awww! Cute poise!
Notice the height thing? They are all lined up height wise, even though Kayla is scooting down.
And I think this was Rachel? (Help me out Heather & Kayla.)
The food
Mrs. Hockaday!
The food we didn't end up eating because we were too full.
And we all happened to grab the same Gatorade.

And, we can't forget Bobbylouy! Especially becasue she is heading off to college! She is starting up a blog, and she'll give the link later.
Bro. Bazen & Bro. Bryant!
Lol... Sarah and Melody
- Jen ( with the cheap camera. )


  1. ahhhh!! SWEEET! I'd love to go to volleyball camp.

  2. great pictures Jenny!! Thanks for posting them =)

  3. wowsers Jenny! totally flattering!! ;-) and yeah that's Rachel! (how could you not know her???? She's super awesome! :D) and sorry I'm commenting on an old post but I didn't see it till now! :D


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