Brittany's Good-bye Post...

It's time to say good-bye to Britt, cause she's headed off to Oklahoma!

She has a blog called so make sure you check it out!

She will be going to Heartland Baptist Bible College.
So here is a farewell post to Britt! They are recent pics of her this summer at Triple S in Arkansas.


- Jenny


  1. hey!! It's sooo cool that brittney is going to heartland!!! That's where my pastor is from!! We may see each other some time at college days or something!!!!

  2. awww! I'm going to miss you Brittany! I hope you have an AMAZING time!! Good Luck =)

  3. Love you Britt!!! You are the coolest friend. I am glad I got to meet you at camp and I had such a great time with yea :)
    GOOD LUCK at College!!


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