Oklahoma City, Oklahoma...

Our trip to Oklahoma was fun yet sad. We went there to bring Brittany to college.

These are the pics traveling there.
Kaylen discovered how fun it was to plug her ears and scream as loud as she could!
This flag was huge! ( Even though it doesn't look like it in the picture. )
On the way there we stopped by for a quick break at the Bedards house! They are our friends and pastor fom way back!
Here is the view from our 9th story hotel building. We stayed at the Charater Training Center.
Early the next morning.
My wonderful pop-tart. Probably one of the best I have ever had.
And Lijah eatin' his.
I guess Kaylen liked hers too.
Lol... he doesn't even look like himself!

A day time view

Headin' off to go eat and get ready for the fun park!

You see... this was a nine story building. And it just so happened, that the elevator worked while Mom and the kids went up to our room. But then it wouldn't work when they wanted to go back down! So Mom had to lug Kay and her diaper bag all the way down.

A really weird ugly bird that was screaming it's head off by the parking lot.

This is when we were waiting to go to the fun park. We're in Britt's new room.

Waiting for the bus.

"I'm lookin' at a plane Mom!"
And @ the park! this was the line for a coaster! Funnnnn!

And this was the extremely long line for the water ride! It was very very hot there!

And when people have to wait in line for a long time...what's a better way to spend your time, than squashing gum all over a poor old tree. Gross.

This......... was an awesome ride! Only 6 people go at once. They strap you in extremely tight, (Right Britt?) and then send you shooting off, thousands of feet into the air. Well, okay, not thousands, but, you get the picture.

Going up.... nerves tingling...

...and flinging...

...way up into the air at neck breaking speed! Like... totally thrilling!

- Blush -

- Jen


  1. ok, i'm totally stupid I know, but I didn't get that it was your mom and dad in the last pic for a sec...I was like, is that Britt and Jen??? haha yuck! :D Great pic though!!!! And that ride looks like a TON of fun!

  2. Hey Fam! Great post!

    I like Cinnamon Sugar Pop Tarts... and yummy snacky type things like that. Just thought I'd like to spread the word.

    *Hint Hint*

    (Did I get that from my dad??)

    Love and Miss You All, Britt


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