Around the Maze Are 80 Balloons...

Well, not really 80, but there were a lot of balloons! Maybe 30, 35? It is the anual Balloon Fest in Lincoln, and lots of people come to see it. They all launch off from the airport, sail across by our Corn Maze, and land. Then their Balloon Trailers come, and take them back to the airport where they blow back up at night. They glow and it's really pretty. We got the most perfect view of absolutely ANYONE! We were out at the maze and we were all up on the roof. Ya, I did scrape my leg, but we all got up there okay. So, on to the pics!

Here's Lucas, our corn cop, Ben, and Caleb up on the roof.

This was my favorite! They were so close that we actually got to talk to them! And then they dropped one of their marker down! T'was sweet!

Lol... pink zebra?
~*~*~ Fire! ~*~*~
All the kiddos watching.
An "over the maze" shot. (By Jordan)

See the big shadow of the balloon?
This one was another one of my favorites.
Some customers and a fam from church.
This one was pretty interesting. It had arrows pointing up and down.
The guys.

Jordan is being focused on...
... and then the balloon!
Lucas getting down from the roof.

Tons and Tons of people were driving down the road and stopping to watch the balloons. Some of them came to the maze too!
Over the maze. All these people got to see the maze up in the air! Pretty cool! Hopefully lots will have liked the looks and it, and come down the the maze!
Some were landing right across the highway and deflating, so they could be taken back over to the airport for the glowing show.
Ya... this one was shaped different.
People enjoying the maze.
And look at all of 'em, would ya? There were tons!
Aww! My bud Josh!
Arie came later on.
More customers.
And they actually got to pick the watermelons they planted! They are doing well, and they taste great!
Hope you enjoyed the post! Thankx for all of those who have been commmenting lately! I appreciate it! And sorry abou the watermark that says Brittany's Photography. That's not true. It's all a lie! It was my photography! But, I forgot to take it off the program, so it's my fault.

Anyways, thanks for looking!
- Jen

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  1. oohh! Sweet pics!!!! I think it would be SO much fun to go in one of those!!! And Jordan, you look awesome smiling in pics! You're adorable! :)


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