Another Funks Grove Post...

We were itching for adventure! We went to Funk's Grove. A hidden trail off to the left caught out attention. Yehaw! Well what do ya know? Signs... very mysterious signs were tacked up on the trees. Jordan, Abby, Josh and James ran on ahead. Me, being the cautious one, stayed back some, and snapped a few pictures.

Chapel? In the woods? Kinda strange...

Another interesting sign. So interesting in fact, that Jordan and Abby couldn't wait any longer! They had to see what was ahead.
Yep... This is what I'd call.... uh.. mysterious.

Yahoooo! We found it! It was an outdoor chapel! Josh took a couple of "leaps of joy".
And of course little brothers take after big brother.
All in all, Kaylen was a darling.
Then... all of a sudden, it was time to go home! Everybody wave good-bye!

- Author Unknown -
Or otherwise know as Jen

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    But VERY funny. You made me giggle! Hahaha!!

    I love the pics, thanks for sharing!

    Love, Britt


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