Mission Impossible

We had our annual Youth Conference again this year. The theme was Mission Impossible, with the first 2 letter of Impossible crossed out. It was neato. So, here are some pictures. I only took the last 5 though. Other people had my camera the whole time.
Me, Becca, and Bethany sang " Stand Still".
Bro. Larry Brown was the main preacher.
Bro. Mikesell doing the sound board.

Someone took my camera and was taking weird pictures.

Josh Williams

The serving line

Arie Mikesell hiding. Bro. Bryant asked Caleb to take his picture, but he wasn't cooperating.

So, we had to tattle on him. Bro. Bazen finally made him smile.

This was a game to see who could put on a frozen shirt the fastest. They were frozen solid!

" The Chipmunk" That's his nickname. He sings just like one of the chipmunks, and him and his brother sing the chipmunk Christmas sing. It's hilarious! " Oh Christmas don't be late!"

And here, the girls had to feed the guys pudding with a little robotic arm. It was funny.

- Jen


  1. lol! I just got back from a youth conference too, they are tons of fun!!! looks like you had a great time

  2. That looks like it was a lot of fun!

    Did people like this youth conference better? Looks like they played more games.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing! See ya in less than a week!

    Love, Britt

  3. sweet youth conference


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