We Were Just in a Wreck!

We were just rolling to a stop and were going but 2 mile per hour, and BOOM! Someone plowed into the back of our van. The worst thing was that we didn't know what was going to happen, and all of a sudden we get our necks whip-lashed. Janae was with us too in the front seat. Her vehicle hardly got damaged, but we can't open the back of our van now. We were scared because we heard something shattering. But it was just the tail-light. But... besides being very tired, necks hurting, backs hurting, and headaches, we're okay. Praise the Lord. The police then went through and asked all our names and date of births and addresses.

"Thankfully we aren't dead. I only got scared when I heard the glass shatter." says Joshua Comstock, 13-year old victim. (Wink)

"That's why they call them accidents, and it could have been worse." reports Tina Comstock, driver of the mini van, and 5 children.

"It doesn't seem like we were just in a car wreck, does it?" Asks a quizzical, Janae Howell, eyes wide with surprise.

"I'm so glad our dog wasn't in the back! I only remember slamming back into my seat and hearing something shatter. (Which was the rear lights.) Then I looked back to see a 20 year-old red-headed girl, holding her hand over her mouth." Reply's a slightly shaken up, Abby Comstock.

"My lap-top flew off my lap and onto the floor, and my hat fell off of my head! I still have a head-ache." Jennifer Comstock, 16 year old survivor, reports.

And that's all for today's Cool, Com & Collected News!

- Reported by Jennifer Nicole -

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  1. "Love the reports Jen!" says 14 year-old survivor Janae H.



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