Ode to Jacob...

Meet Jake.

If I searched the whole wide over... Jake would be the man that I would pick to marry.

He's handsome and strong (ooo-la-la!)

He is so manly!

People have asked me if he smiles. The answer is YES! A lot!

He's super funny! We're always laughing like crazy when we're on the phone!

He's a good friend to others...

... and he LOVES his family! So do I!

He's also an outdoors man, which is just one of the many things that I LOVE about him! Yup... he's a New Hampshire country boy for sure. Sweeeet!

He was "company high shooter" in boot camp, which means that out of 1,200 other Marines, he shot the highest score! THAT'S MY MARINE!

He loves to go hiking in really cool places too, he's gunna take me everywhere once we get "hitched"!

Ya... we were quite the team when we were kids.

We've changed a lot since then (PRAISE GOD!!!) but we still make the BESTEST TEAM EVER!

How did I get such a man? Only through the miraculous hand of God! I thank Him for Jake every day. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get a man like Jake!

All for now, Britt

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