Once Upon a Time Part Two...

 The next part of my story begins on a cold and rainy day. My family was vacationing in the beautiful state of New Hampshire and we had invited our friends the Ingersons to come over for a visit.

As we scurried around making sure our cabin was clean for company, I was reliving all of the amazing and fun adventures that I had been on with my friends, Jake and Krystal. 

If ever a person wanted to hang with people who were loads of fun and excitement, it would be with the Ingersons! Having been friends with them since I was a kid, we have a lot of great memories that go way back. 

They finally arrived and we hit it off talking about all those good time memories! But something was missing... Jake wasn't there!

Don't get me wrong! Krystal is one of my BESTEST buds EVER!!!!!!!! I love her to death!

We've done SOOOO much together!

We've eaten marshmallows together...

...matched outfits with each other...

...we even invented new things to do with Oreos!

We drank Mountain Dew together...

...and played paintball together!

But things were still different when Jake's not there. I mean, did you see those pics in my last blog post? We're like.. the Three Stooges together!

You see, Jake is now a United States Marine. He is stationed in North Carolina, so it wasn't possible to come up and see us.

The Ingersons knew that Jake would want to talk with us (he wanted to be there so badly) so they brought a phone card that we could use to call him! As members of my family spent time talking to him, I was getting a little nervous. It had been about 7 years since I'd last seen him... ! What if we didn't "hit it off"? Well, I didn't have to worry about that! We hit it off BIG TIME!

We hit it off so BIG that..........

... Jacob Ingerson and I are now in a relationship that's heading towards the marriage altar!!!!!!!!

What does this girl think? She can't! She's too much in la-la-land! Haha, just kidding.

This girl is the most happy, blissful, blessed girl on planet earth right now! Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine that Jake Ingerson, one of her BEST childhood friends, would one day marry her.

Jake is amazing! He is mature, yet very fun-loving. He loves the Lord and has an amazing testimony to those he's around. He is very wise, hard-working, happy, strong, handsome, totally awesome, a leader, and best of all... he's MY friend! He's more than I could ever ask or dream for... !

I will be writing more of our story later on, but for now I wanted to let you all know about Jake and I.

There's SOOOO much more to this story, but that will have to come another day!


  1. Happy for you Britt...
    :)Mrs Howell

  2. God is so Awsome isn't He!


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