More New Hampshire Pictures...

These are from a while back... I just never posted them. I have more too. 

This is a really cool place in new Hampshire. "Big Eddy"

 Britt and Abby on a Covered Bridge

 We Love Each other!
"I Miss you Britt!"

My Perch
 My Bass - He was a nice big one. Actually I got one just like him too... but while I was waiting on Dad to come out and see him, I stuck him in the water to kinda revive, but obviously, a fish is at home in the water, and it slipped out of my hands...
 3 of my Bested Buds! Krystal, Britt, and Jo.

 Jordan thought she might want to take a dive. She was giggling, thinking how her mother would be frieking out if she saw her.

- Jen -


  1. I miss you too, Jen!!!!! Thanks for posting the pics!

    Love, Britt

  2. Ahh! Thanks little buddy! ;) Luv you bunches!


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