Even More...

Shiny Sand. It was really sunny out this day. It was actually sunny and it rained part of the time.
 There are really cool mushrooms in New Hampshire. I found this one in a magical moss covered forest that had mini caves everywhere. It was sooooo cool! It took my breath away.
 This is one of the small skiing mountains. Obviously with no snow.
 This is a really cool hotel that Dad used to work at.
 Lots of the time, the clouds would be covering the mountaintops.
 Me and Josh went out our last morning there at the lake and explored. The fog was soooo cool! You would see a bank of fog, and you would paddle over to it. But then when you got there, the fog would disappear.
 I LOVE this sign! It's a real sign too. Lots of moose in NH.
 And me on the dock! So long!
- Jen -


  1. Wowsers!!!! That is insanely pretty!!!!!! Did you all freak or something when you moved here??? haha jk :p GLAD you did!!!!! :D

  2. Lol, we actually did. We thought, (and rightly so) that is was horribly ugly here! And flat!


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