The Browns & the Flume...

While in New Hampshire, we went to the Flume with some of our awesome friends the Browns! The Flume is a gorgeous place, and it attracts tons of tourists! I had actually never been there, but the rest of the fam had.
We were waiting for the Browns and decided to be goofy and take pictures!
Jo, Britt, and Josh

 Bad pic!
 The water there is sooo beautiful!
 And this is part of the beginning! It's water gushing down, with walls of mossy rock on either side. It got way prettier the farther up you went.

The lighting here was really weird but really cool!
 This was definitely the result of primitive "tree tipping". (For those of you who have no idea what that is, it's where you climb up a small skinny tree, and then once you get to the top, it starts to bend back toward the ground. very fun!)

 Takin' a break!
- jen -

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