People by Popular Demand...

Here's some people pics! The Bahamas were awesome! Totally Awesome! These are actually from Friday. The rest of the pictures are at church. Hopefully I can get them today. 
This is Danae! She got saved on Monday! She was fun. I think she was 12.
 Here's the "registration people".

Danae again

 I think this was the Fisher's of Men song. On Thursday we had to occupy the kids from 8:00 to almost 1:00 in a tiny church building because it poured all day long. It was hard, but we managed. It was actually awesome because 18 kids got saved that day.
 This is Shay. She was only 9, but she was the best player out there! She was awesome! She was in my Huddle Group. Each sport had 4 different Huddle Groups, or Teams. Mine was the "Wild-Fire", and I had eight girls. I love them and miss them all so much!

 "Mega Man" (aka: Caleb Williams) helped us with Volleyball. All the kids loved him! He was our mascot for the week.

 We got to know and LOVE some of the other young people from their church. This is:
Karlo, Helen, Jo and Mrs. Bazen.

Karlo and Helen are hysterical! They are awesome!
 "Mega Man"
Or... as they all call him down there... "Mega Mawn!"

- Jen -


  1. Good job Jen!!! People pics!!! I still wanna see more tho. I sooooo wish I coulda been there. Maybe next year.... (I hope so anyway). Looks like a SUPER fun group doing great work for the Lord. Y'all keep it up everywhere you go.

    Justina 8D

  2. Awww good memories!!!!!!!!!! That was the bestest trip EVER!

  3. Hey you guys were really a blessing! I pray that the Lord continues to use you guys for His honour and glory! Come back and bring more people!! ^_^
    P.s Thats the wrong giant snaill!!


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