Volleyball and Dresses

Mega Man!
Lol, dramatic volleyball stance.

 Nikki! I had the privilege of leading her to the Lord on Thursday. I saw her raise her hand during the invitation, so I took her outside. I asked her why she raise her hand during the invitation, and she looked at me like I was dumb, and said, "Because I'm not sure I'm going to Heaven when I die!" Later, after I talked to her for a while, she prayed and got saved. It was awesome! She prayed, "God, please please please please please come into my heart! Please wash my sin away. I want to go to heaven when I die. Please please please come into my heart." It was so sweet!
 Jason Lowe! I loved their family. Us girls stayed in their house while we were there, while the boys stayed at the church.
 Faith and me. She was my loud drama queen! But she was sweet and fun, and really tried hard to do the things I asked. Well, only after Tuesday, when she realized there were rewards for being good! Lol.
 So on Friday, we all got dressed in our Bahama Dresses that we bought at the Straw Market, which was really cool by the way. I got a couple things for the family there, and a couple bracelets for myself.

The Lowes were going to take us to the Atlantis. It's a big hotel with an underground aquarium, and tons of walking paths and scenery, ponds full of stuff like hammerhead sharks and rays, and shopping. So, we waited and waited, and finally they bus came back, but then they told us we couldn't go cause the bus broke! So, we were sad. But then one of the ladies there lent us a van, so we got to go. We squeezed Jo in the trunk, me on the floor, 3 in the back seat, and 4 in the middle seat, and of course the driver and passenger in front. It was squished.
 Beth and her hat.
 Audrey Lowe
 Aden Lowe - He was a cutie!
 Jo! Me and her got matching dresses at the straw market. It was really fun cause you could bargain for stuff. But the people there were soooo pushy! "Hey beautiful, I gotta sale goin' on! Come look! Buy something honey! Make my day!"
Oh my. You had to be kinda rude sometimes. It was so fun bargaining though! Me and Jo got a good deal on our dresses.
- Jen -


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