Picture Time...

So after we gorged ourselves, we went up onto the restaurant's deck. You could see the Atlantis.
 Since this was Friday... and we sadly started to realize that this was the last time we'd see all our friends... we started taking pictures with each other.

Carlo, Jo, and Helen. They were brother and sister, and were soooooo hilarious!
 This is Judy, Rajiv, and Jo. Rajiv is sooooo cool! He drove us around every day to wherever we wanted to go. Even after picking up kids all morning, and then dropping them all off after VBS.
 Ethan! He was hilarious. Basically every time he saw Caleb or Brody, he started to beat them up. He even had hulk gloves! He was a cutie!
 The Atlantis.

 Caleb, Aden, and Brody. I really liked Aden. He was my little "artist" kid all week. So cute!

 Aden and Kayla!
 Tyler and PJ. PJ was cool too, and everyone liked him.
 Don't ask me what Tyler was doing. I think the glasses did something to him.

- Jen -


  1. Y'all make me smile 8D. Man I sooo have to go next time. I really wanna meet all these people and get to know them. Aden is a cutie btw!


  2. Looks like you all had a blast! Paise God that so many kids got saved!

  3. Tyler looks so funny in those 2 pics lol! I already want to go back=) I am SO going next year!


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