Twin Brothers...

Here we are at the Twin Brothers restaurant. It was EXPENSIVE! The whole ticket was over $700.00 for all of us! Yikes!
I, being the good American I am, got this chicken and noodle stuff. It was great! Lol, and Bethany got a burger.

 Okay. So these are Conch Fritters. Basically cooked sea slug. Bro. Bazen ordered some for all of us to try. I thought I would be brave and try some. So I cut one open, and I see this slimy pink thing. YUCK! They told me to try another one, which was cooked a little more. So, I tried it with some sauce stuff, and it wasn't too bad. But the thought was gross.
And then Kayla, Martha, and Victoria got this Conch Salad.  But this time, the conch is raw. Basically all the whit stuff is raw conch. Nasty!
Oh... by the way... this is the Conch Snail. Yea. Gross. Merry Christmas.
I still can't believe I ate one of these.
Caleb thought the raw Conch looked gross too.
Jeff wasn't sure...
 But Caleb thought the fritters were good! He loved them!
 Jo thought she'd try the raw salad junk after some gentle prompting.
 And the consensus was... TEXTURE IS HORRIBLE! CHEWY YUCKNESS!
 Martha's Fish.
After observing all the food,  everyone was a little grim.

 Victoria and Martha both got a whole fish. And... they decided to be adventurous. "Hey, wanna eat the eyeball?" "Sure! We're in the Bahamas! We might not ever be able to do this again! Why not!"
- Scientific Learning Experiment -
 "Yes students, there are small hard objects in the middle of fish eyes. Grab your napkins."
 "Okay okay. So if the girls can do it, so can I!"
 Yep. Just like I said... It was gross.
 After all this I seriously lost my appetite and couldn't finish my food
 So I pampered myself with an awesome daiquiri. (sp?) It was sooooo good! It brought me back to my cheery old self.
 Rajiv took a lot of these pics for me. Thanks Rajiv!
- Jen -


  1. Great post I luv it!!!! Everyone's (yuck) faces are great! It seriously makes me sick just looking at the pics! Gross! Fish eyeballs what were they thinking? Lol!

  2. Bahahahaaa!!! That's disturbing, but totally hilarious! I can't wait to show Jake when he gets home. He had me eat a piece of crab yesterday at the Chinese place... it tasted great... it just creeped me out cuz it was crab. But after seeing THIS stuff, I'd eat crab ANY day!


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